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Happy to wear a bikini in the summer

Happy to wear a bikini in the summer

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"I always wear the piercing. I have a very nice diamond jewel" said Rawwyn Omrod, mum of three from Bethlehem, had her belly button pierced as a treat for herself when she turned 40.Raewyn looks absolutely gorgeous. But according to a recent survey, she is risking a fashion fine by sporting a navel piercing over 40, and she has only a few more summers of bikini-wearing before she is booked for that, too.

The survey of 2000 British women found that 35 was the cut-off age for a piercing, and a bikini is unacceptable after 47. When you reach retirement age, you can’t even wear one-piece togs, according to the survey. What do we swim in – our dressing gowns?

"But yes, I think older women can wear skinny jeans. It’s all about what you wear with it; what your body type is, and also what sort of person you are."

For those over 40 who fear the risk of damaging their eardrums in Supre or Glassons, The Warehouse has spotted a gap in the market. Outlets in Fraser Cove and Cameron Rd both stock the Rachel range, inspired by Rachel Hunter.

Buying manager Linda Leonard says Kiwi women want style and comfort. "The Rachel stretch skinny denim jeans are particularly suitable for women over 40. They are not as low-rise as some of the jeans out on the market."

No age limit to wearing a bikini

When it comes to swimwear, it is not surprising in a region famous for its beach lifestyle that Bay women are more confident than their British counterparts.

Justine Harding, assistant manager at Temptations Lingerie and Swimwear, says there is no age limit to wearing a bikini. "If a women is sexy and confident, she looks good in a bikini. Overseas they go topless in their 40s, so we should be okay here wearing a bikini! If you have to run around the beach after your children then a tankini might be a better option, but for practical reasons, not your age."

Letisha Anstis of Langton’s Lingerie says it comes down to what women are comfortable in. "Even some young girls don’t want a bikini. I always suggest styles to fit shape – age is not a factor."

So take inspiration from Bay fashionistas like Miranda Cobb, Bridgette Paton-Tapsell and Raewyn Omrod, who show true style has no age barriers. Hang on to your bikinis and strut out in your skinny jeans. Go girls!

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